Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where do kids come up with the things they do?

I was sitting at my computer this afternoon when my son calls me. He wants me to help him with his Nintendo GC game. I told him I just had to finish typing an email to someone and I would be right up. Well, a minute to a kid is forever so he comes down and starts asking me how long am I going to be. When I was finished I held out my hand and he gave me five. I then kissed his hand, like a prince does to a princess, except it is the other way around:-) and then he says (drum roll please) "Why aren't you married. You should be by now."

Kids really know how to hit the heart. All I could say in response was "I haven't found the right person yet". Which is true but at the same time I wonder, will I ever? A guy at work asked me out last week. What do I do? Act weird and avoid the whole situation. Why? It's not because I am not interested in getting to know him better. I don't know what is wrong with me.

Only yesterday did I realize that I don't want to be hurt again. My last two relationships 'damaged' me more than I had previously thought. God brought that to my attention a few weeks ago. Don't you love it when God does that? I know I still need healing. And I when the right guy comes along, I want to just know, just feel it. My best friend says I live in a fairy tale reality and that is not how things happen. I can't believe such a thing.

Why can't I have a William Wallace or a Joe Black look right at me and I at him as we pass in the street and it just is? I want to be ready for it, but I don't think that is possible. Maybe I am destined to be single forever 'cause sometimes it sure feels like it but, I can't lose hope that he is out there looking for me too. My fingers are crossed!!! Well, not really, I'm not into superstitions but you get my point, I hope!

Maybe what I want doesn't exist. All I want is a manly man, who is also sensitive, one who likes sports but loves me and God more. ;-). One who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty but also can clean up well. Someone with intellegence so that we can have conversations/friendly debates for hours. One who wants to rescue me but isn't afraid of me rescuing him sometimes too. One who loves kids, the outdoors, and relaxing inside too. One who prefers happiness and family time over money and material things. One who wants to grow old with me and when we are old, holds my hand as we walk down the street. Ok, maybe this is just a fairy tale but what else can a girl do but dream!


rose said...

i think many of us who have been hurt in previous relationships can relate to what you express. i know i dream the same fairy tale as you. and yet i have learned that i need to trust that God knows when the time is right. he placed someone in my life a couple of years ago. no, the happy ending wasn't there, but i learned alot.

i hope you find your "prince charming and live happily ever after" when the time is right.

Angela said...

Rose, thank you for your comment. I hope I find him too.

I know that in order to actually 'find' him, I need to wait on God. I am learning this although it has taken awhile to sink in. I want to follow His path in all ways of my life and therefore I must wait on Him.

P.S. I really hope you find your knight too!!;-)

rose said...

i'd bruise to easy if he stayed in the armor. 8)

but i was a medieval lady for halloween.