Monday, January 31, 2005

Remember Nintendo?

A few weeks ago I went down the basement to find a board game. I came across a box that was marked Nintendo Games and Accessories. It was funny because just before I had went downstairs, my niece Jessica and I were talking about how much we missed Nintendo. Last week Jessica brought it out and started playing it. Last night I got the itch too. We had two systems in the house. One was Harry's and mine and the other was Jessica and Alyssa's. And to my surprise, both of them work.

Last night I felt like a little kid again. I played Ms. Pac-Man, Dr. Mario and Xevius. We actually had more games then I remembered and after blowing into the cartridge and wiping off some dust, the games played like new. There is nothing like the old system. I miss those types of games. The new games are fine but the Nintendo, and Atari were the best. Ok, ya, I'm old. It's funny because I used to say that to my dad and now I'm the old one! :-)

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