Monday, January 17, 2005


What would possess someone to commit suicide? Really, is life so God awful that one would actually go through with killing one self?

I got the news this morning that my cousin, David went and pulled the trigger, literally. I know he hasn't had the best life in the world but he has had a much better life then most of us. His father passed away a few years ago, and I think his life fell apart. Truthfully, I would say it fell apart way before that seeing as he was an alcoholic. But his dad passing was a big hit to the family and drove him further away. When we got the call we assumed that he had been in a car accident because he frequently drank and drove.

As you can tell I am not sugar coating his life like people usually do when one dies. I can only say, how could he have done this? The way he did it was so very tragic. He sat in his father's chair while his daughter was in her room. She heard a bang and ran downstairs. How selfish he was. How totally cruel and insensitive he was. Caitlan will forever be scarred not only with her father's suicide but also with the image. What horror!

I can never and probably will never understand why one would be such a coward and purposefully leave life knowing that their family is the one that will find them. Caitlan is about 16 or 17, with her whole life ahead of her.

My family does not know Jesus and they don't want to hear about Him either. How can she get through this? Only through Jesus can she learn how to really deal with this horrible tragedy. Jesus has such therapy tactics as to heal within a day, something years of therapy could never do. I know this will take more than a day so don't think I am naive but I've experienced Jesus' power of healing and have been healed within a weekend of life long hurts.

David leaves two daughters, his common law wife, a mother, two sisters, a twin brother and eight nieces and nephews.

Please pray for them especially Caitlan.


Lori said...

sad tale. i'll remember caitlin.

Anonymous said...

Who knows anothers pain? We all have breaking points, some seek help, others have loved ones who take them for help. Then there are those, like your cousin, who can't stand it another minute, and think the only way to end the pain that is within themselves, and maybe that they've caused others, is to end the life.

It is very sad for those left behind, especially his daughter, who found him. I think you should pray for him, because he has to take to the other side the tradgedy of what he did.