Thursday, January 13, 2005

Goose bumps in class?!

Not too long ago, I got home from school. I never thought I would be this excited about school in my whole life. For the first time ever I got goose bumps just from one of the teachers introductions to the class. Surprisingly it was Methods of Bible Study II. I, of course, have never taken the first bible study course and I figured it would be one of my easier classes. WRONG!!! Methods of Bible Study I would only help you a little in this class but they relatively don't have anything to do with one another. This course made me crave the bible. I haven't really craved the bible before but wow!!!

My professor, Dr. Clarence Duff, started the class by stating that we will have to do a commentary about one verse in the bible. And it would have to be 10-15 pages in length. Ok, ya, that scared me a bit and I thought twice about taking the course. And then, without warning we started talking about critiquing the bible. Knowing the context in which it was written and also how it was written. Then he started on prophecy and I was hooked. I didn't care about having to write a commentary anymore. It is totally worth going through this class even if that means I will be writing a commentary. I could only think of the experience and knowledge I will get from this class.

After the prof. talked about the commentary he briefly stated that he holds a bible study on prophecy at his house. I couldn't get that out of my head all class. I have never had the courage to speak to a prof. after class before, or at least not on the first day, but I had to know about the bible study group and then without question he invited me to his house for bible study on Fridays. One other student asked him after class about the group and he even offered me a ride.

I have never been this stoked to study, to dive right into scripture and discover God. I am on a high and I don't want to come down. On the drive home tonight, I knew that I am in the process of carrying out what God has in store for my life and I am so excited. I can't even explain how I felt/feel. To know you are doing God's will and that it will impact others is just awesome/amazing!!!

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Lori said...

wow. i'm jealous!