Sunday, August 15, 2004

Our first meeting!

So, my work had our first staff meeting. We have been open for over 3yrs now and they finally decided it was time. The meeting was better than I expected. They served us a hot/cold breakfast. Then we had to go through the numbers. It's interesting to find out that our store is ranked #2. We also got to win some prizes. And surprisingly I won one. I won a cordless phone. Which is good, because we really needed one. We also had a motivational speaker join us. I am sure no one knows him but he sort of coaches the Toronto Argonauts and holds a few records in the CFL. If you don't know who I am speaking of, where have you been? The infamous Pinball Mike Clemens. He really is a great guy. Very energetic, very happy, positive. So, all in all the meeting was good. The talks were good. And I won something. :-)

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