Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Allergy season!

Up until this week, I have been as free as a bird with my allergies. I have had allergies for as long as I can remember. I remember going to the doctor every week getting a shot to help with the allergies that seemed to infest my life. Eventually I thought it a waste of time and stopped going. I used to get really bad allergy symptoms from early spring to late fall. Over the years my allergies have still bothered me but as I got older, they seemed to relax on my body a bit. This year to my surprise, I didn't have any symptoms at all until this week. Now my head feels like someone is continuously hitting it with a sledge hammer, my eyes are so puffy that it feels and looks like I have been crying for days, my sinuses feel like I have the worst flu of the season and my throat is scratchy. I seem to not be able to get rid of the thirst sensation. So I continuously drink even though it hurts. And of course I can not stop sneezing. So much for growing out of my allergies. But I can look at the positive aspect - at least this only happened once this year in late August and not the whole allergy season.

I am not one for taking meds. I always fight it out. But I have given in-my mom just handed me some benadryl.

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