Sunday, August 29, 2004

Continued from last entry.

Someone once told me that I let other peoples sins be my own. I take the guilt as if it were I that did it. I think with what I had wrote about in my last entry, I did the same thing. Because I couldn't stop it from happening, I took it on as my own. I felt so guilty and so broken that I let it interfere with my relationship with God. Why do I always have to try to save the world and when it doesn't happen, I crumble? Jesus saved us, I don't need too. And yet, I feel this overwhelming need to help everyone. I care too much. Maybe that isn't such a great thing all the time. I wish sometimes I could just let it go. I let other peoples comments slide. I don't let other peoples bad day ruin mine. I have an understanding side that a lot of people don't have. I don't let people get the best of me on most days and I am always available to listen to you. So, why, when I do take something to heart it totally eats at me? Grrrr.

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