Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Back from whitewater rafting!

Went whitewater rafting. Got back on Sunday at around 1am. And my life has been non-stop until this evening. So, I figured this would be a good time to catch up.

Rafting was really cool. The first rapid was the scariest, only because I didn't know what to expect. By the third rapid, all I wanted to do was fall out. :-) The first day of rafting was on a 12 man raft. We had really cool guides, which definitely helped too. On the second day we rested. Played beach volleyball. Two from our group went bungee jumping. I thought they were a bit crazy, but it was for free and after watching them, I have to admit, I was a little tempted to do it too. Just a little though. :-) The third day we guided our own 6 man raft. That was a lot of fun. Melissa and I got knocked out on the first rapid. Which was pretty awesome. On the third rapid, we had the choice of staying dry or flipping. We chose to flip. The three guys in our boat fell out and the three girls stayed in. Then we body surfed the rapids which was by far one of the best parts of the whole trip.

I took some awesome photos. I am just trying to finish off the last roll before I take them to be developed. By the end of the week, you will get a chance to experience a little of my trip. I had a great time. We are planning on doing it again next year. I already can't wait. I just hope the weather is better for us the next time around.

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