Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Notebook

I just arrived home after watching 'The Notebook' with Jaime. When the movie was over, we looked at each other and both said at the same time 'That was amazing!' It truly was. I can not think of a greater love story. And believe me, I have watched many movies about love. I can't even really explain the movie either, it is just something that you have to see. It is beautiful.

I cried for happiness and I cried for sorrow. As did Jaime. We both wondered if love like that actually exists any more. More than anything, I want this kind of love. The kind, it seems can only be found in a book, which was turned into a movie. Jaime said that her grandparents had the most amazing love. You could see it in them at all times. Her grandmother said that they had old soul. She also said that in order to have that kind of love you have to look for someone who has old soul. She said you will find it, and there are men out there that have it, you just have to look. Seriously, where are they, because I've been looking.

I have old soul. I want old soul. I pray for this kind of love. I know God answers prayers, I have testified about it. This is the one I truly want with all my heart. Is there someone with old soul out there? Is God waiting for the right time to bring him my way? I sure hope so. For you and for me. And for those that have found it, God bless you.

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