Monday, June 21, 2004

Great game tonight.

We had an awesome baseball game tonight. We mostly played in the rain and it went extra innings. We ended up winning 13-12. Woo Hoo!!

This weekend was nice. For my parents anniversary we took them to The Keg. Great dinner and great bill. Darcy actually was so very nice to pay for us all. It was a bit of a surprise but a nice one. Thank you Darcy.

For father's day we just had a nice dinner at home. Mom made it, so it wasn't actually from the kids. But I am getting tickets for my parents so see a show and hotel. They just haven't picked which one yet. My parents are getting ready to go to Atlantic City next week. My dad seems to be looking forward to it. Which is great because he doesn't seem to get excited about a lot of things these days.

Oh, and I updated my fotoblog if anyone is interested, here is the link. It just has some picks of my family at wonderland and a few from the wedding of Jen and Mark.

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