Monday, June 14, 2004

What's up with that?! :-)

I don't know what it is but I must be going crazy or something. For the last couple of Sundays, as soon as I step into church I get super emotional. I will start singing or something and I have to fight really hard not to cry. What is up with that?

This Sunday, we arrived a little late but when we got there, church was in full swing. I mean, we didn't have a typical service, we had intercession. There were lines all over the church for people to be prayed over. It was awesome. But before anyone even started to pray over my children or me I got this overwhelming sensation, and I swear if I wasn't fighting, I would have bawled. Now, I don't think its a bad thing to cry, and believe me I do my share of it but every single time I walk into that place, I swear its crazy. :-)

Maybe the Lord is working on something within me. That is always good. And I don't have to understand everything. I don't want to understand it all. It gets me excited, just knowing the Spirit is moving. Woo Hoo!! And it also helps to know that maybe I am not that crazy. :-)

On another note, I have baseball in just 2 and a half hours. Yippee.

It is indeed, an exciting start of the week.

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