Thursday, June 24, 2004

Elementary School

The last day of school for Skye was today. She is going to a different school next year so I had to make an appearance in the school office to get her transfer papers. While I was in there I felt very weird. Do you remember when you were a kid and you had to go to the office. I never liked the office, even if it was to call home 'cause I was sick. I don't know, today all those feelings came back. I was talking to the secretary and I got so nervous. I did get everything I came for but it was too weird.

I remember the last day of school when I was in grade school. To us it seemed like the best day of the year with the exception of Christmas. We used to sing 'NO more pencils, no more books....'. YOU know the song and you are probably singing it as you read this. :-) We felt free, finally after having the same routine day in and day out. The only thing we missed were our friends. We used to write in notebooks to each other and pretend we were big kids, you know, getting signatures and writing nice things to each other like Have a great summer, or You have been such a great friend.... Well, as I approached Skye's class all the kids were crying. They were hugging the teacher and wouldn't let her go. There were about 10 or so, just crying. No one was singing, everyone was so sad to say goodbye. It was different. Skye was talking to her friend Adrian and getting his phone number to keep in touch over the summer, which I hope that she does. And as it was time to leave, she started to cry. I started to get teary. Wow, it was emotional. I felt silly having tears, but she did spend 3 years at the school and she was very upset about switching school. More upset then I ever thought she would be. As we walked out of the school. Skye seemed to know every teacher and they were all sad to see her go. She hugged each one and they had nothing but great comments to say about her. One teacher gave her a present for all her good work with Jacob (a mentally challenged child her age). She gives her all when he is around. It really makes me so proud to be her mom. Not only because of that but just because she is an inspiration. They say that kids look up to their parents, but she sure has taught me a lot too.

We left the school and I made her laugh and I promised her a McDonald's dinner. She'll be fine, and she'll meet new friends and she'll touch everyone she comes in contact with just like she did at her school. She was so worried about what if no one likes her at the new school. Truly, she has nothing to worry about. She is the greatest gift from God, even when she frustrates me. :-) Thank you Lord.

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