Thursday, November 04, 2004

Random Thoughts

I don't know why but I love the new Air Canada commercial. I love how they put windows in front of the world. And the ending is awesome, people rowing and taking off into the air. It also helps that I really like the song.

It is so crazy how voicing your opinion can get so many people riled up. I have not until yesterday, voiced my opinion about the election in the States. I don't have the same view point as most of my friends and collegues. I am glad Bush won. That is not to say that I like him but I have my reasons for preferring Bush over Kerry. Call me names, hate me, but that is my opinion. One good friend of mine without even hearing my side said 'There has to be something wrong mentally if you want. Bush' Ok, so now I'm mentally ill. :-) Whatever. I am sure that most of the people who read this blog will disagree with me too. And that is fine, my opinion is still the same and yours is too. We probably both have valid points and before we argue lets just agree to disagree. After, my friend blew up at me, I told him to hear me out. Although he said I had valid issues with Kerry and my reasoning for choosing Bush he understood and in the end we decided to agree to disagree. We are still friends. ;-)

On another note, I am getting a reference letter from the current church I am attending. My cell group leader is going to write it and get a pastor to sign it as well. I really hope that the college will except this. If not I will have to go into detail my situation and hope for the best.

I quit my job last week and Friday, tomorrow, is my last day. I am so glad. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Of course I panicked after I did it because I did not have another job to go to, but I knew for my heart and soul, it needed to be done. On Monday I got a job. Someone is watching over me. :-)


Coral said...

i've never been to your blog before but i really appreciate it that your title speaks about prayer! i live my life in much the same way--just go with God and He will always provide and He is indeed always watching out for us. That was so encouraging to read since I'm looking for a job at the moment as well. Yet, i'm also sensing that God needs me in a ministry setting as well. hopefully the job is both together. and i understand how "voicing your opinion" gets other people "riled up" as you put it. i agree with you and I am glad Bush won too. not everyone in Canada is all for Kerry and to see Bush burn. so, from my heart to yours, it's good to know that I can "agree to agree" with you about Bush! ;) take care and God bless, Angela!

Angela said...

Thank you so much Coral. You really don't know how much I needed to hear that. And yes, God does always provide. Keep searching for a job and keep praying, God is already putting things in order to do His will through you. Keep focused on God and you can't go wrong! :-)