Friday, November 12, 2004

Great Big Sea!

So, my good friend Nadine calls me last night at around 6:30pm. She asks me if I have anything planned this evening. I tell her no. (I was actually already showered and in my pjs) She then says how about meeting me downtown, because I have tickets to the Great Big Sea concert tonight. Now, Nadine is a security guard for concert venues and she got me two tickets to the concert, which was going on at 8pm last night. She was so awesome to think of me. I love Great Big Sea. When I got down there, she was security for the dressing rooms. I wasn't lucky enough to get V.I.P. passes but the concert was totally awesome.

There is just something about Newfies and partying. The crowd was cool too. They sang in unison to so many of their songs. And when Alan Doyle and the rest of the band sing a cappella it totally blows your mind. They are so in sync it's amazing. They are totally gifted and talented musicians and luckily I have been fortunate enough to go to two of their concerts, both I must add, I got in for free.

And to top it off, the concert was being filmed for a special viewing on the internet. It will be aired again on sympatico msn in December. The camera came around my area a few times. I will have to see if I actually got on t.v.. :-) I recommend everyone to check out this concert. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it. My niece, Jessica, who is into hard rock came with me and she enjoyed the concert immensely. :-)

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rose said...

i am so jealous. 8(