Monday, November 22, 2004

The weekend.

I had a pretty interesting weekend. I would say that it all started on Friday when I had lost my S.I.N. card. I had been looking for it for days and realized that I just wasn't going to find it. So on Friday I went to the HRDC to obtain a temporary card. (not really a temp card, more of an official receipt to use until I receive my new card) Anyway, I was sitting in the waiting area and a guy beside me started talking to me. His name was Wayne and he was from Vietnam. He had only been in the country for 2 days. He is here mostly because of his brother. During our conversation the woman on the opposite side of me started conversing with us as well. Her name was Asme and she was from Morocco. She has been in the country for 3yrs. She originally came to visit her sister and ended up finding and marrying her husband. Anyway, it was just so nice to talk to two total strangers. We ended up exchanging email addresses and maybe some day we will meet up again.

After I was finished at the HRDC, I had to head over to a financial aid office. It didn't matter which one, so I went to the closest one to my house, which was at Sheridan College. While talking with the receptionist I saw Julian. He is the guy I went rafting with. I haven't really seen him in awhile and we chatted it up. It was really great seeing him. We talked about a new love interest in his life and how he wishes he could stay on cloud 9, his schooling, my schooling, what I'm doing now etc...

Later in the day I went Christmas shopping with my mom. I got some big gifts out of the way. And I really got into the Christmas spirit.

On Saturday, I took my parents to see 'Hairspray the Musical'. It turned out being really good. My parents enjoyed themselves immensely. That is all that mattered to me. After the show we went out for a nice dinner at Canyon Creek. We had never been to that restaurant and I had heard great things about it. I had pasta but after tasting my dad's steak, I regretted choosing it. Overall, great day.

On Sunday, today, I was still in the Christmas spirit. And after having an awesome sleep I put up the Christmas tree and decorated the banister with garland and red bows. It looks great. Tomorrow I plan to place the lights along the banister and decorate the tree. My sister and Darcy came over for dinner too. It is so nice to have family over. I don't know what I would do without family.

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