Monday, October 25, 2004

What's wrong with this picture?

Someone brought up the topic of the New World Order. I didn't know much about it so I started researching it. I wanted to be educated on the subject, besides, it is pretty fascinating. Not in a good sense, more so in an open your eyes kind of sense. Everyone seems to be afraid to talk about it. For me, I find the research so intriguing that I can't put the 'papers' down. I say 'papers' because most of it is internet research.

But, wow, how can we live and have the bible and not be educated on this subject. I went into a known Christian book store because I wanted to get some books on the subject. I assumed they would be in the Spiritual Warfare section. Maybe I was wrong but I figured to me that made the most logical sense. So, anyway, as I was saying, I asked the lady who worked there where the Spiritual Warfare section was because I seemed to have missed it every time I went down the isles. Do you know what she said? This totally blows me. She says 'What is that? Is that music?' How can we as Christians live in both a spiritual/earthly realm and have no clue as to what Spiritual Warfare is? Seriously, I couldn't help but laugh and say 'I will keep looking'. Thankfully another lady who worked there knew what I was talking about and directed me to the appropriate section, which was only two measly shelves. How are we to be prepared to fight the enemy when we are too afraid to even talk or read about it? Too many are too afraid to talk about hell. Why? Isn't that one thing that Jesus didn't stop talking about?

I am really tired of going to all these churches and getting a fluffy version of the bible. I don't want a people friendly version. I want the truth. The cold hard truth. How else am I too be corrected and be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Really is that too much to ask?


Lori said...


If you want to see a really graphic portrayal of spirutal warfare, rent "The Devil's Advocate"...that movie was like a spiritual explosion for me, the most accurate portrayal of the enemy I have ever seen. Al Pacino plays the devil. I think its rated R and is quite explicit ...just a warning if your'e sensitive...

Also, the Frank Peretti series, 'This Present Darkness' at the christian book store.

Anonymous said...

Actually Jesus very rarely talked about hell (a translation of the word "gehenna", a grabage dump for corpses outside of Jerusalem). Mind you he did encounted demons from time to time and occasionally ran into Satan. He also mentioned "Hades" a couple of times.
A lot of the "spiritual warfare" material (like Peretti's stuff) is closely in tune to what has been called, "Third Wave Theology" (a topic you may want to look into - it's been A while for me since I last did). I find that too much of this stuff is very loosely based on Scripture, which I guess is to be expected since biblical texts on what's going on in the spiritual realm are few and far between. This might not be possible, but you may want to get a perspective on this from a non-Western thinking author. Not that Western authors are deficient, but the paradigms of biblical authors and 21st century North Americans are quite different.
I may be wrong, but I think the New World Order "fad" sort of faded over the last ten years. Rap groups and wrestlers took up the phrase for themselves, so its relevance became less serious.
I don't know if there is a new world order. It seems people are still people and those in power are still manipulting the system to acquire more power. This isn't "New".
Scotty D

Angela said...

Thanks guys for your comments. I do however think that just because something isn't talked about or is played down doesn't mean it isn't going on. And yes it is called New World Order but it doesn't mean new, in the shiny sense, I think it means that it is something that is in place to happen through a series of events/situations/history etc...

Thanks again for your comments. I will continue to read on the subject. And getting a non-westerners point of view is an excellent idea, something I would not have thought of.