Sunday, December 21, 2003

Family get togethers.

This weekend was quite a good one. Most of my family went to my aunt's in Hamilton and had a really great time. We all got together to celebrate Christmas. Nathan said a nice prayer to start dinner. We played charades and my team lost by one point. :-( The guys watched a bit of the Montreal vs. Toronto hockey game. Which is always great because we have fans from both teams in the house. I got to see Ashley - who has been away for college. She came home from Pensacola, Florida for the holiday. My uncle Rob couldn't make it because he didn't end up getting off of work until really late so that kind of sucked but his other half and their baby - Trevor was there. I love it when we all get together.

The other side of the family got together on Dec. 6th which was great too. That was a fun night and because we celebrated at my uncles who lives in Walkerton, Ontario, we stayed the night. And no we didn't drink the water. :-) Did I mention that I love Christmas?!! Just checking!!! :-)

Anyway, I did almost all my shopping for Christmas on Thursday just like I was planning. I only have to go out for stocking stuffers for my parents, a gift for Shannon and a gift for Melissa. It shouldn't take too long and I have ideas for two out of the three.

Well, I hope all is going well for everyone out there. (I don't even know if anyone really even reads this anyway, but even if you don't I still hope everyone has a safe and happy jolly holiday season.

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