Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Christmas time.

This is the first time in our family history that the Christmas tree has been put up so late in December. Traditionally our tree goes up on the last weekend in November or the first weekend in December. Except we were in the midst of a move. Well, my dad normally puts it up too, but he has been working so hard and has been trying to get our house in some sort of order so this year I took the plunge. Last night I put the tree up and tonight Skye, Matthew and myself put all the decorations on it. And I must say that it is truly a beautiful looking tree. It just shimmers!! I am quite proud of the tree.

I know I haven't been sure about decorations and such - you just have to look at my entry a few posts ago but I really do love decorating. Seeing the tree up, decorations hung and for the first time we actually have a real fireplace to hang the stockings off of. I baked yesterday for Skye's bake sale at school. It was fun. Matthew trying to stir the mixture and Skye helping to put it all together. I really love this time of year. The smells, the sparkles, the laughter, the closeness of family. It's so great. Now, all I have to do is get out there and do some shopping. After being sick for what felt like forever I am a little behind in that department. So, before and after work tomorrow is dedicated to shopping. Which I have to admit, I love that part too. Giving really is great. I love reactions and seeing someone's face light up.

What is there not too love about this time of year?!! In case you couldn't tell, its my favourite month. And the snow is falling so gracefully outside. It couldn't be more perfect. Yippee!!! 'Tis the season!! And I am jolly!!! Fa la la la la la la la la.

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