Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Camping blues!

Ok, so I was looking forward to going camping with my children this past weekend since I booked the site way back in May. The day finally arrives for us to go and we're off to Sauble Beach. The only problem was, it rained all weekend long. It was nice for us to spend time together alone, with my children and my niece. Luckily we brought cards, the game trouble and some books or we would have been in big trouble. We had maybe 4hrs of pleasant weather all weekend, which we took full advantage of. We went for a hike to the falls and went to the beach. By the time we got to the beach though it was getting chilly and we didn't last too long in the water, besides Matthew was turning purple and still insisted that we stay. That's kids for ya! In the end we cut our trip short a day and got soaked packing up our stuff. Usually I love camping but this time I was wishing for a cottage. Which normally I think is overrated because tenting it under the stars is usually my favourite thing to do in the summer, but somehow I lost it this year. I think it's because I was looking so forward to it, and it let me down. Which I guess shouldn't have surprised me since I continuously have been let down what feels like a lot lately. Disappointment is all around, but luckily my spirit is still up. I really don't know how it is, but by the grace of God it is!

Since I've been back from camping I have gotten this boost of energy. I have been going like the energizer bunny and it feels really good. Now, I just have to find some time to go over all my children's school books. I'm homeschooling them for the first time this year and it is both exciting and yet a little bit scary because I haven't done anything like this before. The people around me have mixed feelings and although they say they support me, for some reason I am a bit skeptical of their confidence in me. But when you feel led by the Spirit you just got to move ahead in His plans. So, I trudge on and am gaining strength through Him which isn't a hard thing to obtain, that is, once you give in to it and all. So, if anything pray for my family.

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