Saturday, August 05, 2006

Really peeved off!!

Every time I am heading right in the direction of the Lord, something always has to come and try to knock me over.

This time it had to do with work. They accused me of something that I never did and would never do. Others backed me up and they still wanted me to sign something that said I did what they were accusing me of. Of course I would not. After feeling mad, angry, upset, disappointed, and disgusted I realized that this job that I was holding was a dime a dozen and because I don't want to work for a liar and a hypocrite, today I quit. I did it professionally with two weeks notice, but inside I wanted to yell at their unjustified acts and make a stink. Of course I didn't do that. But at the end of my shift what do they do, they get the snake who crept into the workplace to tell me that today was my last day.

I was both happy and mad. I wanted to not even go in today but I wanted to show them I was the better person and that is why I was giving them some notice, and then they do that. It just totally pisses me off!! I am really mad right now and I felt it good to write about it since I can't sleep anyway.

This is the second time that I have been wronged at a workplace and I want to hire a lawyer but is that really the Christian way of dealing with things? I don't know!

For now I will take it to God. And besides vengeance is his anyway, right?

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