Saturday, May 07, 2005

Midnight Watch Prayer Meeting.

Last night, or moreso this morning at 12am, I went to my first Midnight Watch Prayer meeting. This was held at a Brazilian church and we prayed and worshipped until 6am. The worship was astounding. God was in the midst. It really was an awesome experience. I have never stayed up all night to pray before but I knew that if I could do it for the world (i.e. the movie marathon) then I could most certainly do it for God.

I learned that this was their second meeting of nine to pray over Canada. We prayed for leadership inside and outside of the church, this and next generations, healing in the land. We repented for generational sin and deliverance. We praised God and had a time of thanksgiving.

This really was quite the experience. Their next meeting is on June 3rd and I most certainly plan on being there. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this, contact Canada in Prayer. It is a group of intercessors who gather together for a common purpose of prayer throughout Canada on the first Friday of every month. So while you are praying in Toronto, others are grouped together in Vancouver praying for the same things.

I am glad that God brought me to church last night. He rejuvenated everyone who was there, especially the musicians who played all night long without a break. Thank God for his anointing and for His fresh flow of grace raining down on us.

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