Monday, December 06, 2004

The snow is falling, is falling, is falling!

Well, unlike most of the rest of Canada, today marks the first official snow fall for the GTA. It looks so beautiful and it is so cold.

Yesterday, my dad and I finished hanging the lights outside of the house and then had our first use of the fire place this season. The snow just adds to the beginnings of the Christmas season.

The one thing I do not like about snow though, is the slippery roads and accidents. I was out for close to 2 hours today and not only did I have to steer out of hitting a car, I also did a 360, thankfully on a road less traveled. No cars in site and I was doing 30km if that. I must have hit some black ice or something. But after landing on the other side of the street and up the curb, I restarted my car, and continued along the road even more cautiously. Sometimes it really doesn't matter how cautious you are!! Mississauga is usually very good when it comes to cleaning streets and getting the salt trucks out, but this morning I only saw one salt truck. Thankfully, I am home and safe and about to give my son some lunch.

So, to everyone one who has to drive in this mess, be safe and if you can, stay home and off the roads.

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