Sunday, August 24, 2003

Which way do you want to go?

Today at church was very interesting. Little history of the church I attend: It started in February 2003. It is called The Lighthouse. 24 George St. Brampton, ON. The pastor, Bill Taylor, is an older gentleman who has been committed to Jesus for over 20 years. He has seen and done many works of the Lord, healings, annointings, etc.. He has not had any formal teaching (no bible schools, no seminaries, no affiliations). The Spirit has been his teacher. If anyone were to have a conversation with him they would know that he speaks only truth and the Spirit is ever present in his life. The congregation is very small. We have had quite a few people come and go. You see, people say they want to hear the truth but once they do, it is the beginning of change in their life. Most people are afraid of change, I am one of them. I know I have to and sometimes its harder than other times. See Hebrews 10:26. James 4:13-17. Recommend reading the whole chapter.

I believe there are way too many churches out there who seek to entertain. They are also very careful of what they speak. They make sure that no one is uncomfortable. I believe that if you are comfortable in a church there is something wrong. The church is meant in some ways to be a guide. We go there to be closer with the Lord, we go also to hear truth and to be corrected. So many people in church are worldly. They think that going to church on Sunday is enough. That one hour with the Lord is sufficient. Well, hello, it isn't. We need to walk daily with the Lord. We are suppose to be winning souls. How can we if we are just like them. If people can not see Jesus in you how can you call yourself a follower of Christ. How can we show them the way if we are not following the way. How can we if we turn the tv/radio/video games/computers etc. on instead of picking up our bible, instead of seeking to know Him more. I am guilty of these things too. I guess in some ways this is myself telling myself to walk away from the world. I know I am going to lose friends. I know it isn't going to be easy. I guess that's why its so easy to procrastinate.

The Pastor said something to me today: Its your day to choose. Which way is it that you want to go? I can not make you go one way or the other. You have to decide, what is most important? (of course this is paraphrasing)

Today its your day. Which way is it for you?

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