Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Pamela and I ventured to the CNE today. We had loads of fun. The weather could not have been more perfect. Although, at one point during the day it seemed as if we had a bit too much sun. So, we went inside the International Trade Center, where we found amazing deals on clothing. I bought two pairs of Bluenotes Jeans for only $25. A really nice red sweater for only $15. I bought a few other things too. I swear, if you need back to school clothes, this is the place to go. One thing we did notice was that the girls there really need to cover up some of their skin. It was not very pleasant seeing butt cracks, boobs or bulges every where you looked.

We went on quite a few rides. I love rides! Especially the really fast, spinny, crazy rides. Its kind of funny but you would catch me on any roller coaster, spinning ride or bungee swing but you will never catch me on the Ferris Wheel. :-) We went into one of a few haunted houses there, and it was so cool. I think mostly because Pamela was scared out of her mind. She is so great. We both concurred that this place or any fair/amusement park would really be an awesome place to have a date. Later on in the evening, Pamela went on one too many spinny rides and almost got sick. That was our cue to start heading for the exit.

On our way out we grabbed some 'Tiny Tom' donuts. As we walked closer to the exit, we saw this amazing tight rope artist, Jay Cochrane. Pamela said something which I thought I would share: 'Why would someone put so much faith in a tight rope, the weather (which if you have ever checked the weather network you would know is quite unreliable), and a pole? Yet so many people find it so hard to put their faith in Jesus.'

And so, concluding our night: weather was beautiful, food was pretty good, rides were so much fun, too much sun is bad, too many spinny rides are bad, scaring Pam is fun, watching a tightrope artist is nerve wrecking, this would be an awesome date, girls need to wear more clothing than they do, great deals on clothing, and people need to put more faith in Jesus. The End. :-)

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