Sunday, July 03, 2005

Frustrated at the church!

Lots has happened since I last wrote in here. It's so weird how you just forget to write and then when you remember you don't know where to begin.

I finished my summer classes two weeks ago. Everything went really well. I wasn't as fond as summer school though mostly because they cram so many lessons into such a short time.

I started a new job last week. I went back into my old field, which I was so reluctant to do but it pays relatively well and it gives me time with my children.

The same-sex bill seems to be slipping right in to law with the help of those lovely liberals, ndps, and bloc-quebecuois(?). I wonder how long it is going to take before all of our Canadian morals goes down the tube. I really wished that more people would have stood up for religious freedom but I guess not enough care about it. The sad thing was that there were very few Christian leaders standing up. It seems as though the Moslems, Sikhs, and Catholics care more for the rights and freedoms of generations to come.

I keep hearing that there are two ways for a revival to come into this nation: we get on our knees and pray or prosecution. It seems as though it is going to be the latter of the two. It takes only a few to pray, but we are too caught up in our own lives to care about anything else. I ask: What is wrong with the church today? We are all sleeping and we like to stay in our comfort zone.

Let me ask you this: When a homosexual couple comes into your church to get married what are you going to do? Break the law and stand up for Christ or marry because the law says so? Interesting thing to add to this little 'equation': what about when you stand the chance of losing your charitable status? The sad thing is I believe more would follow the law then Christ. I guess more of us are really goat instead of sheep!


Lori said...

first, i'm not for the church marrying gay people, but i wonder if the same principle should be applied to remarriage, as well.

i'm not sure it always comes down to being goats instead of sheep. i think sometimes people just don't know what to do...last night we were discussing re marriage and gay marriage...i wonder if it were my own kid, if i would take the stand to not attend a ceremony - or would choose to overlook the obvious sin and attend so as not lose future hearings with them...

i guess it comes down to love and determining what the best possible outworking would be in spite of my feelings and it better to cast someone out so they'll never have a chance to meet the god of grace?

i don't know...tough question.

Angela said...

Jesus showed love throughout the NT but when it came to sin He was very harsh, especially when it involved Christians (those who should know better).

I think the way we are to look at this and all other situations in our life is to use the phrase 'What would Jesus do?' Many think that it is just a question tossed in the wind but really what do you think Jesus would have done if his brother James was homosexual?