Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Friend?

My friend, I stand in the judgment now
And feel that you're to blame somehow;
On earth, I walked with you day by day
And never did you point the way.

You knew the Lord in Truth and Glory,
But never did you tell the story;
My knowledge then was very dim;
You could have led me safe to Him.

Though we lived together on the earth,
You never told me of the second birth;
And now I stand the day condemned,
Because you failed to mention Him.

You taught me many things, that's true;
I called you friend and trusted you;
But now I learn the truth too late,
You could have kept me from this fate.

We walked by day and talked by night,
And yet you showed me not the light;
You let me live, and love, and die,
You knew I'd never live on high.

Yes, I called you "friend" in life,
And trusted you through joy and strife;
And yet, on coming to the end,
I cannot now call you "my friend".

Author unknown

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