Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Love is the greatest gift of all!!!

Yesterday, I experienced an awesome love. The love of the Father being poured out into me. It is totally awesome when you realize the Father is using you to help out someone else, one you don't even know. I think that is the greatest love. To love unselfishly, to not care about what others are thinking, just doing as you are called to do. I find it amazing how every day I learn something new about this love that God has for us. To care so deeply for us when we, over history, have always turned our backs on Him. How great His love is for us!

Last week, I helped out someone from my school and they had said it was the answer to their prayers. Yes, more than one prayer. I was like wow!! When we listen to God and do as He wills, our life is so much more fulfilling. What a blessing it is to have the best kind of relationship in the world!! You too can have this relationship too, it just takes faith. Come and lets leap together on this fantastic journey of faith.

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