Monday, February 21, 2005


Tonight I attended the defendMarriage fundraising banquet. It was held at my college. It was very encouraging to see people of all faiths join together to fight for our human rights and religious freedom, our culture and the future of Canada. There were speakers from the Jewish, Catholic, and Christian community, two politicians-Stockwell Day and Anne Cools. Members from the Hindu community also attended. Some activists from the Homosexual community also attended. They tried to start a fight with Stockwell Day but they quickly realized he was not afraid to speak what he believes. Just so everyone knows, this is not a fight against the Homosexual community it is a fight against redefining marriage.

I recommend you check out this site: . It is a valuable tool in keeping up with what the gov't is doing and what you can do also.

After the fundraising dinner, I went out with my brother and handed out brochures. I plan to continue to do this. This is definitely worth fighting for.

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