Monday, July 24, 2006

We're back from Nicaragua!

I just got back from my first mission trip. A team of 28 of us went to Nicaragua, my daughter included. It was our churches first children's mission trip. We all stayed in an orphanage in Managua but visited many places such as Leon, Granada, Matagalpa, Selva Negra, and Jinotepe.

It was so amazing. God used us in so many special ways. A lot of our team didn't want to come back to Canada when it was time too. We visited schools, churches, did some street ministry and even went to a prison. The Holy Spirits presence was so impowering that I found myself shedding tears because it was so overwhelming.

So many people came to know the Lord as their personal saviour. On one occasion 40 children/teachers gave their life to the Lord. The prisoners were so open to the Holy Spirit that they were crying, we were praying and boom so many of the prisoners let the Lord into their hearts. It was totally and utterly amazing, this journey that we were one.

To top it off we had a few occasions where we got to see some of the breathtaking sites of Nicaragua. We stayed over night in Selva Negra-in the rain forest. We got to see an active volcano close up. Mountains surrounded the country. And for the first time I put my foot in the Pacific Ocean.

One other thing: it was the first plane ride ever, for my daughter and I. It was a little bit nerve wrecking but totally cool once we got up in the sky. To see the world from such a different perspective was really neat. Skye didn't like the plane and she hopes to not go on one ever again. But I know I'll get here back onto one, one day.

I can't wait to go back to Nicaragua. I felt a part of my heart stayed there and it was heartbreaking to leave all the people we had met. Especially those from the orphanage.

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